Have you tried trading with Olymp Trade? Is it safe?

Yes, I have! In fact, I have been trading with Olymp Trade for almost a year now.

I have to admit that I do not get a profit every time I open trading but even if you trade with the most well-known platforms, you will not gain profit every single time either.

The reason why I choose to stick with Olymp Trade is that it is not only safe but they make sure that nobody can easily withdraw your money.

Every trader will get an email from Olymp Trade asking you to verify that you are the owner of the account. They will provide details on what document that you have to provide for the verification.

However, this is only one-time request.

Besides that, I have not mentioned about their very efficient customer support.

Once when I was having problems with my account, they managed to solve my problem in no more than 24 hours only through live chat! How awesome is that!

So, because of the above reasons, I decided to continue trading with Olymp Trade. I hope you will too as this is a safe platform as far as I am concern.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet without verification

Anonymous Bitcoin wallet https://bitcoinofficial.org
seeks to increase the level of security by maintaining the anonymity of transactions.

This is an open source Bitcoin wallet that mainly focuses on anonymity, privacy and security.

How it provides anonymity and security:
1. Thanks to Tor and VPN support, the Bitcoin wallet allows you to send all your transactions through an anonymous IP address.
2. Data about your wallets is never disclosed.
3. Used military grade encryption provides the highest level of security. This type of encryption is carried out on your phone through the AES-256 protocol (Advanced Encryption Standards).
4. Bitcoin wallet without verification.


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