How to Make Money Online Earn $15 per day from Olymp Trade (For Beginners)

You want to make money online from Olymp Trade transactions? Turn Olymp Trade into your passive income channel? But you are new and don’t know where to start? In this article, I will show proofs that I’ve made money successfully from Olymp Trade every day. Then I will show you how to trade, win and successfully withdraw from Olymp Trade.

Proof of make money from Olymp Trade

This is the total amount of money I have withdrawn from the Olymp Trade platform. Although it is not a big number, it is regular. Every day, I usually withdraw $15 from Olymp Trade to my Visa/Mastercard account. Every weekend, I will withdraw both interest and capital then deposit again at the beginning of next week.

And this is when from Olymp Trade money goes to my Visa/Mastercard account.

How to make money from Olymp Trade

Step 1: Register an Olymp Trade account here

If you haven’t register an account at the Olymp Trade platform, let’s create one for yourself here to get a free $10,000 DEMO account to trade. At the same time, I will give you 1 promotion code to gain 30% of the total value you deposit.

Step 2: Deposit into your Olymp Trade account

To trade and make money real money at Olymp Trade, you just deposit $15 into Olymp Trade account. Clicking Deposit on the Olymp Trade interface

After that, choose the appropriate deposit method. I often use Visa and Mastercard to deposit and withdraw money at Olymp Trade.

Next, select the $15 for the first deposit.

Use the promotion code “OG3YA” to receive an additional 30% of the total deposit amount.

Fill in the information on Visa/Mastercard to proceed payment.

So now, your Olymp Trade account has $20. You can start making money.

Step 3: How to trade simply but effectively at Olymp Trade

There are 2 things you need to do:

The first thing: Customize the Olymp Trade interface

First, choose the currency pair to trade. EUR/USD is the best. This is the most profitable and easy-to-play currency pair for beginners.

Next, select the Japanese candlesticks chart to observe the price comfortably and open orders later.

Then, in the indicator tab, you select the Bollinger Bands indicator. This is the most reliable technical analysis indicator during the Olymp Trade transaction process.

Finally, you select the time frame for the display chart to be 5 minutes. At the same time, the expiration time for 1 transaction is also 5 minutes.

So, you have prepared everything. Now is the time to start opening orders.

If you wanna learn full setup then please check it here:-


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