What are the best Forex trading platforms/brokers?

There a lots of good ones and what you have to remember is that it is your attitude to the whole set up and how you operate it that is going to make the crucial difference.
The biggest failing in running a winning system in anything is discipline and it must be 100%.
I had this amply demonstrated with my own method of trading.
For 9 months everything was going along fine, regular winning trades and a nice smooth growth in the account equity.
Then I started to think I knew what I was doing and started to try and ‘improve things’. Within a week I had lost 30% of the account.
I had a big lesson in not messing with something when it is going along fine.
I recently devised a system for another type of trading, not forex, and sent the details over to a friend to have a try. All he had to do was copy a very basic set of rules and make money just as I was doing every day for weeks before.
Strange that two weeks later he was complaining that the system was rubbish and he was losing money all the while. Now as we were both trading the same market and placing the same trades what could have gone wrong?
Well he had been following along for a few days but then decided that as around 50% of the trades looked wrong he would miss them out and improve his strike rate but of course it did exactly the opposite. In the end no amount of persuading him would convince him that he could not improve on what I was doing. The end result was he gave up after a few more days and still thinks I am nuts.
So the message here is no matter what system you devise, buy, rent, lease or whatever is going to work unless you adopt a disciplined approach in it’s implementation.

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I have tried many forex systems and techniques with varying degrees of success but the one I have been using for the last four years suits me fine. It is assembled from some various bits of standard techniques and runs pretty much on auto pilot as I have plenty of other things to do.
Now, if you don’t have much time to focus on these all or want to get quite shortcut then you can check https://tradingbrokers.com/ for best online trading brokers.

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